Restless soul

Restless Soul Syndrome

Restless Soul Syndrome - R.S.S. Ever heard of it? I hadn't until recently. I knew I was a restless soul but I had no idea that there actually was a syndrome about it. It makes sense though, and also makes me feel a wee bit better about myself. Coz in this way, being a restless soul isn't some kind of dreamy state anymore, something for people that lacks responsibility or are careless. It's just the way some people are.
I also read somewhere that having RSS is kinda similar to having AD/HD, but I wouldn't stretch it that far.

Sometimes I can't help but to envy people who are content with what they have in life. Have a steady job, a steady home with a loved one and that's it. Some people are actually happy living that way and I envy their happiness. Some people does not feel the need to follow the horizon, to go see what's beyond the next hill. Some people are happy drinking the same beers every weekend, with the same friends in the same surroundings. Ofc some people like to think that they're happy, but in reality they are not.

Why do I envy that feeling of contentness? A restless soul should be the happiest of souls, right? I mean, we're always on the hunt for the next adventure, we really do chase after our dreams like there's no tomorrow. And once we've got our current goals in place, there's no stopping us from achieving them. But here lies the problem. There are always new goals to achieve, more roads to travel, more things to do, more places to discover. It never ends. We never reach a certain level and become satisfied with what we have. Once you go restless, there's no turning back.

Sure, I am happy with my hunger, my thirst for something more, for adventure and the thrill of going from place to place. But once you stop at some place for too long, you become depressed. Stagnated and bored. Deep inside I search for a place to settle down, for a place I could call my own, for people which I could call my tribe. But will it be possible? Will I ever be able to settle down somewhere, grow roots and be happy about it? I would love to. Some day.

A restless soul is a person that cannot find rest wherever they end up. A restless soul never fells at ease with their surroundings, or with the people they surround themselves with. Coz there's always something wrong. There's always something better. And a restless soul can't help themselves from go looking for it. The drive to move onwards is constant and ever-present. A restless soul is constantly searching for a meaning to live, a meaning for their existence, a meaning for everything. A restless soul knows, deep inside, that there's something more, that life can be better, happier and more adventurous. A restless soul knows that the life we've been thaught to live is wrong and spend the rest of their lives trying to fix it.
/ord från min tanke satt i text av


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